Heather & Lace

Artistic Director

Heather & Lace uses her blend of costumes, story telling, and goofiness in each act she creates. She has been spotted with Smudged Lipstick Revue, Vaudezilla, Sunday Bumday, and many others around Chicago and the Midwest! She may look like a million bucks, but she doesn't come close to spending that! She believes that art isn't for those with tons of cash and that's why she is our dollar store diva!

Shira Z

Administrative Director

Shira Z is a wine-drinking, coffee-loving, proud Hufflepuff with an on-going case of wanderlust. After many years living, teaching English, and helping run the expat theater community in Seoul, South Korea, she relocated to Chicago where she has enjoyed running tech and stage managing for several companies. Shira Z was introduced to the sparkly world of burlesque at Gorilla Tango where she worked as the head stage manager for several months before becoming a founding member of PS… Burlesque. She became the Administrative Director for PS in February of 2019. In additon to workin with PS, you can regularly find her stage managing and operating sound for Chicago Kids Company and running tech for Comedy Dance Chicago.

BaumShell Belle

Marketing Director

BaumShell Belle is a founding member of PS...Burlesque. Originally only working in musical theatre, she started her burleque career by portraying Cersei Lannister in the parody, Game of Thongs. Later she joined the cast of A Nude Hope as Princess Leia and then started curating her own pieces. She has performed with GTB, DisDress Dolls, Women's Funny Fest, and PS...Burlesque. She may be as corny as Kansas in August, but have no doubt with this Dynamite Darling--her excitement is ticking away, ready to explode just for you!

Shadow Lux

Production Manager

Shadow Lux hails from the far-off land of Washington State where she grew up, went to college and then worked as a freelance lighting designer, stage manager and technician. After deciding Washington was too small for her, she moved to Chicago. By day she works as an Asset Manager for a production house to support her seizure cat, Nolan. By night you can find Shadow hiding in the shadows backstage, making sure all of our shows have the tech support needed to make our performers look and feel their best. 

Bailey Irish

Artistic Associate

Our Marketing Director Bailey Irish is a sassy little lassie who may not be from the Emerald Isle, but they sure have the luck of the Irish on their side! Bailey has been performing since they were a wee babe, but has been involved in the burly community since 2009. They made their official burlesque performance debut in 2014, and since then has been coining their signature - Half sexy, half WHAAAAAT??? They also can be seen performing as their alternate burlesque persona, that drunk girl at your office holiday party, Daphne. Additionally, a vaguely familiar Chicago Drag King by the name of Hugh Dis claims that he and Bailey are definitely NOT the same person, but we’re not quite so sure. Bailey is proud to be part of PS..., and hopes to promote a safe community where all performers are welcome and encouraged to perform in their own unique way.

Layla Byrd

Literary Manager & Social Media Director

She’s currently the literary manager at PS...Burlesque. She’s basically a big f*cking nerd. Layla Byrd wrote PS...'s most recent full-length production “Dorothy Does Oz," as well as "A Wookiee Holiday Special,” and, most recently, “Silent Night, Jedi Night." Future shows she plans to write include Jurassic Park, TMNT, Terminator, Pride and Prejudice, and Alien. She has also performed with Harlequin Girls, Beast Women, and Crescent Moon Nerdlesque.

Daddy Carrot

Artistic Associate

The Artist Formerly Known As Baby Carrot is back back back back back again and Baby's got a whole new gender! But don't worry, he's still bringing you the sexy vegetable realness you deserve; Daddy Carrot is bigger, better, and a hell of a lot more phallocentric! You can trust Daddy with all your Casting needs!

Avalon von Sturm

Artistic Associate

Avalon von Sturm is PS...Burlesque’s Director of Development, a job she takes very seriously but only sort of understands. She started in burlesque just a few years ago, and has been so happy to have an avenue to show off her epic and impressive rack I mean creativity, though she does blame it for her ongoing glitter addiction.

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