Dorothy Does Oz

Our First Fully-Scripted Nerd Parody Show!
Dorothy is just a girl from Instagram filtered Kansas. Then all of a sudden, mother nature took her out and threw her into a magical, oddly sex positive land called Oz. Watch her go on crazy adventures and find a way back home.

Cast List


Dorothy - Baum-Shell Belle

Toto - Luis Robert Castello 

Aunt Em - Jean LeFaun 

Scarecrow - Miss D. Ception

Tin Man - Bryn Riot 

Cowardly Lion - JerFay 

Wicked Witch of the West – Mo Less 

Doorman - Paige Weiss 

Glinda - Harlie Holladoll 

Featuring as your Munchkins:

Layla Byrd

Bina Babey 

Willow TheWhips 

And Bailey Irish as the Wizard of Oz

Directed by Minnie Barre
Choreographed by Jean Wildest
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