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Interested in joining the Unpopular Hotties? Feel free to contact us!
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Origin Story

Many moons ago, there was a burlesque company that specialized in nerd parody. And my, was it something. There were Star Wars shows and Game of Thrones shows. Shows based on movies. Shows based on TV shows. Shows based on comic books and video games. These shows delighted the discerning nerds who came to them and gave many a burlesque performer their start.


But it was more than that, more than the bricks and glitter that made up its walls. For many who passed through those sparkling doors, it was home. It was a place of warmth and love and butts.

Alas, good things do not last, and nothing is as perfect as it seems. The company was beset by a fearful demon. A demon of capitalism. A demon that fed on the dreams of all the glitterfolx who were the company’s heart and soul. A demon who proved that not all the glitters is gold.

And so it went. The glitterfolx continued to perform. The demon continued to feed. Until one day, the demon went too far. The demon demanded too much of the glitterfolx. The glitterfolx fought back.

In one fell swoop, the glitterfolx revolted. One by one, they stood up and walked out. One by one, they declared their worth. One by one, they collapsed the glitter throne upon which the capitalist demon sat.

Now the glitterfolx were homeless. While other burlesque companies opened their arms to the glitterfolx, and supported them in their decision, it just wasn’t the same. It couldn’t be. Despite its many flaws, the burlesque company that specialized in nerd-parody was a special place. It was home for the glitterfolx, and they did not know where else to go.

Until one of the glitterfolx, who had poured much of herself into the creation of many a show, made the decision to start a new company. A new company that would be a glitter haven to those unpopular hotties who populated this world of nerdlesque. A meeting was held. A plan was made. Positions were created and filled.


And so PS...Burlesque was born.

While there are many burlesque companies, and none too few nerdlesque companies, PS...Burlesque is special. It is the glitter haven. A Proud and Safe place for burlesque babies to burlesque pros alike.

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